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Terms and Conditions of Sale

We are deeply grateful for the loyal support of our customers—all of whom we are proud to call our friends, and for the acceptance by the petroleum industry of our contributions to production practice. Crall’s products give “maximum quality at minimum cost.”

The best materials obtainable are used in our products’ manufacture, and the design is in accord with the latest engineering principles and made to A.P.I. specifications. High quality and dependable service is our watchword. Crall’s products are offered to you after withstanding various tests and actual service in oil fields throughout the world.

Freight and Delivery:
All goods are sold F.O.B. shipping point unless expressly stipulated otherwise. All orders will be shipped freight collect, unless other arrangements are made before order is shipped. All orders are sold F.O.B. Pampa, Texas.
All orders should specify method of shipment. Customer’s preference will be observed when possible. In the absence of specific shipping instructions, Crall reserves the right to select the carrier and routing.

Terms of Payment:
All invoices are due and payable 30 days from date of invoice. A cash discount will be allowed on some material. (See our current Distributor Discount Schedule.) Interest from the due date at the greatest rate allowable by law will be added to all accounts more than 60 days past due.

Return Goods:
No Crall products or parts can be returned for credit unless consent of Crall in writing has been given in advance. Goods returned must be identified as to the original date of purchase and clearly show the shipper’s name and address. Goods not returned in salable condition may be subject to a deduction equal to the charges necessary to make the goods salable. This can be negotiated. Any freight paid by Crall will be deducted from the amount of credit granted.

Crall is not responsible for goods lost or damaged in transit. Purchaser is solely responsible for filing claims against the carrier for any loss or damage. Crall will furnish all possible information, trace shipments to destination whenever possible, and render any other reasonable assistance requested to assist purchaser in filing his claim.

All products manufactured by Crall are warranted to be free from defects. If a product or part should be found to be defective, notice should be given to Crall immediately. A duplicate product or part will be furnished without charge, transportation prepaid but without further expense, outlay or obligation to Crall; or at its option, Crall may issue credit for the full invoice price for such defective product or part. Crall reserves the right to inspect and test the defective item. The defective part should be retained until notice is received from Crall as to its disposition.
All claims for replacement for such defective products or parts must be filed within six (6) months from the date of original purchase. No claims for labor or expense required to replace defective products or parts, or repair damages occasioned by them will be allowed. The sole obligation or liability of Crall is limited to the price of the defective item. The warranty obligations apply only when products or parts are used for the purpose and under the conditions for which they are intended, and in accordance with the best-accepted installation and operation practices and techniques.
Crall warranties apply only to goods manufactured by Crall. Goods not manufactured by Crall are warranted and guaranteed only to such an extent as these products and parts are warranted and guaranteed by the manufacturer or supplier of such goods and parts and then only to the extent Crall is able to enforce such warranty or guarantee.

Where the customer requests special tests or inspections in excess of the regular factory inspections, the actual cost of such tests or inspections shall be charged to the customer unless prior agreements are made.
Crall is not responsible for non-delivery or delay in delivery due to delays, damages or losses resulting from strikes, riots, fires, floods or other accidents or occurrences beyond the control of Crall. Prices, specification and terms, as contained in any Crall catalog or bulletin, are subject to change without notice.